Beng Teng Spa

Please enjoy a special time that works on your mind, body, and skin as a whole

Received the "Crystal Awards Top 10 SPA of JAPAN" sponsored by the Japan Spa Promotion Association for 6 consecutive years "Beng Teng Spa" - a treatment spa salon in Enoshima Island Spa, opened in Seawood Hotel.
We propose a menu that works on your mind, body and skin as a whole to make you beautiful.

  • Beng Teng Spa

  • Beng Teng Spa

  • Beng Teng Spa


Signature treatment

Signature treatment

It is a popular treatment recommended by Beng Teng Spa.
An original Beng Teng Spa treatment that uses hot stones on the back in addition to an oil treatment that relaxes the entire body thoroughly.
*90 minutes treatment includes abdomen/scalp massage, face/ear acupressure massage.

60 minutes15,000 yen (29,000 yen per pair)
90 minutes22,000 yen (43,000 yen per pair)

Beng Teng treatment

Beng Teng treatment

A comfortable process of lymph drainage.
Perform a lymphatic drainage of the entire body in a comfortable process.
After the oil treatment, a scalp massage will bring about deeper relaxation.

60 minutes14,000 yen (27,000 yen per pair)

Gentle relaxation

Gentle relaxation

A relaxation treatment that will unwind both the body and mind. From the scalp to the soles, you can relax your whole body.
You can take a rest through long strokes applied at a comfortable pace.
*90 minutes includes abdominal and scalp massage and ear acupressure massage.

60 minutes14,000 yen (27,000 yen per pair)
90 minutes21,000 yen (41,000 yen per pair)

Back treatment

Back treatment

Oil treatment for the back (back and back of the legs).
Focus on the shoulder blades, hips and calves that tend to accumulate fatigue.
Recommended for those who want to loosen up completely even if you are short on time.

40 minutes10,000 yen (19,000 yen per pair)
Ala Carte Menu Ala Carte Menu
◆Parts treatment

Neck, shoulders, décolleté/Legs and soles/Back and waist/Scalp and ear acupoints

15 minutes3,000 yen (5,000 yen per pair)
◆Hot stone

Back/Back of legs

15 minutes3,000 yen (5,000 yen per pair)

Beng Teng SPA

Beng Teng SPA
Opening Hours10:00 to 22:00
*Business hours are subject to change.
LocationSpa house in the resort
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